Projects Funded by 2018 Pints for Half-Pints Proceeds

Projects Funded by 2018 Pints for Half-Pints Proceeds

(October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019)

IPS #48 (Louis B. Russell School, 3455 Central Avenue)

  • Provided funding to enable each grade to have a field trip. Trips were to the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis Zoo, Conner Prairie, Microsoft coding, Holliday Park
  • Donated books signed by speakers at weekly meetings
  • Provided volunteers for “Read Around the World” and donated books to the classrooms.
  • Provided 5 weekly classroom tutors in several subjects and grades
  • Purchased sensory tables and items to aid learning disabled students
  • Purchased chart paper and colored pencils for mathematical understanding
  • Purchased art materials to integrate mathematics and science through art
  • Provided funds for dry erase boards, markers, and interactive notebooks for math classes
  • Purchased color printer and toner for students to print out math problems
  • Purchased iPads to help students learn to read, write, and count
  • Funded 20 students attendance at Heartland Film Festival and learning to make short films
  • Provided funds for all 6th Grade students to have a college campus visit at IUPUI
  • Funded materials to construct a model of the solar system

IPS #55 Butler Lab School (1349 E. 54th Street)

  • Purchased Dreambox headphones for use with laptops
  • Purchased a gathering drum and floor toms for music class
  • Provided funds for equipment to enable students to create art in non-desk locations
  • For the music department, purchased books about musicians of representative races and ethnic backgrounds
  • Funded the materials for a parent-student painting event

IPS #59 (Merle Sidener Gifted Academy, Kessler and Keystone)  

  • Provided funds to purchase materials to display artwork
  • Funded Lego League @ $1,000
  • Helped purchase art materials and light pads

IPS #91 (Rousseau McClellan School, 5111 Evanston)

  • Donated $1,000 to sponsor robotics club
  • Funded  library listening center
  • Purchased art supplies
  • Purchased music supplies
  • Purchased practice pads and drum sticks for the music department

Shortridge High School: International Baccalaureate (3401 N. Meridian)

  • Purchased Kindle Fire tablets for students without access at home
  • Purchased electronic balances
  • Purchased reeds for wind instruments
  • Purchased graphing calculators
  • Purchased Chromebooks to enable research, analysis and report creation
  • Provided funds for magna tiles to assist learning about geometry
  • Provided materials to aid in dissection of animals in science class
  • Funded chemistry games to understand atom structure, ions, and compound formation
  • Purchased dry erase boards and markers for graphing
  • Purchased board games to help understand ionic compound naming and ionic formation
  • Funded the purchase of a 3-D printer for engineering design class
  • Funded kits to study the passing of traits in corn kernels and blood types
  • Purchased headphones to assist disabled students in test-taking
  • Provided funds for distilled water bottles, goggles, cleaning solution, and water filter pitcher, all to be used in experiments
  • Purchased mallets and drumming supplies for music class

Midtown STEAM support through TechPoint Foundation for Youth: 

  • Spent $1,000 to sponsor Coder Dojo Hackathon