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Full STEAM Ahead­­­­––We’re Pumped for Art!

Learning to create and appreciate art is important to young children as they develop critical skills such as motor, language, decision making, visual, cultural, academic and more. Some may regard art education as a luxury, but simple creative activities are known to be important building blocks of child development.  Arts education increases vocabulary development, understanding […]

Hooray for Pints Sponsors!

Where would we be without our sponsors?  Through their generosity, they help ensure a successful Pints for Half Pints event and provide greater profit to help Midtown school kids.  Let’s all raise a glass to these 2016 Pints for Half Pints sponsors: Platinum Cyberian Technologies   Gold Style Hair Salon Marigold Gary Price Attorney at […]

Nine Breweries (Plus Wine this year) — Support Midtown Kids

Fifth Annual Pints for Half Pints (2016) Members of Broad Ripple Kiwanis have been working since last fall to bring you another outstanding event to help children and schools in our community.  We’ve partnered again with Indiana breweries and local merchants to raise thousands of dollars for camp scholarships, programs, and equipment all of which […]